We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Honey That You Deserve

With the help of our busy bees, we bring to you 100% natural, raw and unheated honey that is super-healthy. All our honey are single-sourced honey which are neither blended or nor processed. It is our aim to connect people to nature and good health by providing the nature’s own anti-biotic in its most purest form.

Our Company

Building Sustainable Value Chain

Our Company aims to help¬†promote sustainable economic opportunities & livelihoods of thousands of bee-farmers and bee-keepers and providing our customers with mother nature’s love.

  • Enable bee-farmers to earn additional income from producing high-quality honey.
  • Provide bee-farmers with market linkages which help them achieving their economic freedom.
  • Preserve bee population by using sustainable management practices in bee-keeping.
  • Education and advocacy for a healthy lifestyle.

Our Team

Class-mates wanting to help farmers and make Urban India adopt to a healthy food lifestyle

Mayank Jain

Enthusiast, Change-Maker

Vinay Arora

Nature Lover

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