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What is Single-Source Honey?

  • The term single-source or single-origin means that their flavor is likely to be more pure, less adulterated, because their core ingredient comes from one, high-quality source.

  • Honey retains its properties provided it is not heat-treated, pasteurized or fine-filtered (pollens are filtered away which are good for body). Variants also change depending on weather conditions and availability of flora.

  • What are its advantages?

  • Single-Source Honey has excellent anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties and is a nutritious substitute for sugar and .

  • Each honey soaks in the nutritional characteristics of the nectar of its corresponding flower or plant. Each variants has different health benefits and taste. For example, Eucalyptus honey has traditionally been used as an expectorant.

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    Reviews by some of our customers

    The taste of each honey is authentic, pure and has good viscosity. I have bought palm and eucalyptus and they are fantastic. If you are looking for pure honey, this is definitely a must try product. 

    Vasudha HV

    Senior Software Tester

    I ordered Niger and Karanj flavours. I loved the aroma and taste. These honey’s are very different from normal market honey. Niger honey do wonders in sleeping aid. I am very happy to buy this.

    Sohini Sengupta


    After rigorous research, I came to know about Madhushala Honey. It has excellent taste and quality. I tried Moringa and Eucalyptus and liked both of them. I would recommend Moringa honey for health conscious people. 

    Bhawna Mehta